Your Next Data Hire Should Be a Data Consultancy

Neil Oliver
Oct 13, 2023
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Why You Should Hire a Data Consultancy (No Offense to Data Engineers, We Love You Too!)

On the surface, it seems like a simple problem to solve: your company needs help with data, so you look to hire a data engineer. It’s not the wrong solution; in fact, it’s likely an essential step in continuing your data maturity journey. However, before you dive right in, it might be best to pause and consider how deep the water really is, and why engaging with a data consultancy could be the best next step.  

A Symphony of Skills

When you hire a data engineer, you're getting a single instrument. When you hire a data consultancy, you're getting a whole orchestra. Data consultancies come with a diverse team of professionals, each with their own unique set of skills. You'll find data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, data visualization designers, and more, all working together in perfect harmony. 

It’s a symphony of skills that can be tailored to the event. A team that can apart to ensure the right specialists are deployed at the right time, where you can quickly scale the services up or down based on your needs. So, whether you need a small team for a short-term project or an army of data wizards for a massive undertaking, a consultancy has got your back. 

A Wealth of Experience

Data consultancies have seen it all. They've worked with a wide range of clients and encountered pretty much every data challenge you can think of. As the saying goes, "Experience is the best teacher," and consultancies have learned from their team's collective experience, making them equipped to handle even the most complicated of projects. This experience helps them bring a fresh, unbiased viewpoint; helping you see things you might have missed otherwise. After all, you don't know what you don't know. 

Watching the bottom line

It may seem counterintuitive, but hiring a data consultancy will likely save you money. The temptation is to compare the cost of a single engineer against a consultancy, and there is no denying the costs do not match up. The piece that often gets overlooked is the dramatic difference in speed and efficiency, meaning you only need a consultancy for a fraction of the time. Not only does simply increasing the number of people get the task completed faster, but with the vast array of different specialisms, each task is completed faster, to a higher standard, and avoids costly mistakes. 

One Less Thing To Worry About

Hiring a new data engineer means dedicating time, money, and resources to hiring and onboarding; plus you now have to manage your new data engineer and their projects. Alternatively, a data consultancy can lead the charge, and you are free to have as much, or as little involvement as you like. From collaborating on a detailed roadmap and architecture plan to simply pointing to the pain points and letting them sort the rest. Either way, you won’t be left in the dark, as a consultancy will have a team of enablement and education specialists to make sure you always have a clear understanding of what has been implemented, and how to maintain and use it. 

The Long Road Ahead

Data maturity is a never-ending journey and as with most journeys, there are ups and downs, fast parts and slower parts. While data consultancies can support every part of your journey, they are not usually a permanent solution that will replace an in-house data team. They are, however, an accelerator; a boost to your journey when you need them. They can get you to your destination faster, with the utmost efficiency, bringing your team along for the ride. A great consultancy will not only move the data forward, but also the team they are engaging with. 

The Perfect Match

Finding the right consultancy that matches your unique needs is vital to getting the most out of your investment. Skills and engagement styles vary dramatically and one size does not fit all. 

At Data Culture, we think about this as the hammer vs the architect. The hammer is an implementer. Sometimes, you simply need an extra set of expert hands and we have the best-in-class data engineers on our team. However, our skillset is much wider than that, allowing us to become the architect. We have Technical Project Managers, data strategists, and dedicated education specialists who make sure your projects hit the right outcomes, on time and with everyone onboard. As a cherry on top, Data Culture has a dedicated Data Visualization Studio; a team who can craft dashboards and data stories alike, knowing exactly how to convey the message, regardless of the data literacy of the audience. 


The right choice between a new data hire and engaging with a data consultancy will be unique to each business. There are so many factors to consider; so before you share that next job posting, why not book a free consultation to find out if Data Culture might be a better fit for your current needs?

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