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Whether you’re centralizing your data for the first time, or building data capabilities at scale, we accelerate your data journey.


Rapid Prototyping.
After identifying the needs of your business, we work quickly to develop and iterate on prototypes

Moving from prototypes to a scalable, production implementation of your data stack

Socialization &  Growth Advisory.
We’ll make sure your team can get the most out of your new data capabilities. If you’re looking to build your team, we also help source top-tier talent and set them up for success


Full Stack Implementation.

We love building data capabilities from the ground up. Our full data stack implementation can take you from your current state to a centralized data warehouse, comprehensive data models, and a full BI implementation in just three months. We leverage agile methodologies and rapid prototyping to prove value quickly and iterate alongside the business.

Data Strategy.

We help create around a vision for data at your company and provide tactical strategies around technology, org-design, and talent. As your interim Chief Data Officer, we’ll work with you to create your data roadmap, build, design, and manage your data org, and invest in the right infrastructure for your growth trajectory.  

Data Culture.

We offer strategic consulting, programming, and education initiatives to build data culture into the fabric of your organization. In tandem with building out your data capabilities, we enable the mindset shift that will allow you to get the most out of your data. We can also partner with you to upskill your teams, socialize data tools and capabilities, and align on data-driven methodologies across your organization. 


The Team.

The Data Culture team is made up of experts in data engineering, data science, data visualization, and business intelligence.

Our technology partners.

We partner with the best-in-class tools so we can build the right modern data stack for your organization.

“As TeePublic scaled we sought to professionalize our data infrastructure. We turned to Brooklyn Data and within months not only did TeePublic have all its data flowing into a single warehouse, our internal teams had BI dashboards to make use of it all.”


What clients are saying.


The Data Culture team is made up of world class data experts specializing in data engineering, data science, data visualization and business intelligence.

Meet the team.


Thought leadership, speaking, and blog.

Building a Data-Driven Culture from the Ground Up

Scaling Data Culture

Fivetran Modern Data Stack Conference 2020

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