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Data Modeling

In order to leverage your data, it has to be cleaned, denormalized, aggregated, and shaped in a way that will allow you to ask and answer business questions. This process is called data modeling, and it’s the most critical (and least understood!)  part of building data capabilities. Organizing your data effectively requires a balance of data engineering skills and business insight, which is why we stay closely aligned with business goals throughout the process. 


Data Warehousing and Ingestion

The first thing we’ll do is create a data warehouse solution and build pipelines to ingest your data sources. Centralizing your data is the first step on any data & analytics journey.

We’ll help you select your data warehouse and ETL technologies, configure them for you, and optimize the performance of your environment.

Business metrics & definitions

KPI Measurement

We help define and instrument KPIs. Measurement and reporting is actually about creating clear, interpretable definitions. To be useful, a metric has to be trusted, understood, and tied to specific actions. We can help craft KPIs that are tied to business goals and used to inform strategic decisions.


BI & Reporting

BI is the interface the business will use to access and ask questions of the data. We’ll help you evaluate the right BI tool for your needs, build out and design your most critical reports, and help train your team to build their own reporting.


Data Culture, Education & Training

Building a best-in-class data infrastructure won't change the bottom line of your business without meaningful cultural change. We provide custom data-driven thinking workshops, data leadership training and business transformation programming to ensure widespread adoption and build lasting data culture.


Event Tracking

Most organizations want to know how customers are engaging with their product. We’ll help you implement event tracking, and leverage it to tell the story of your customer’s behavior across channels and sessions. We can also also deep into your event data to surface opportunities, and use data to  help build your product and marketing strategy.

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